The Ultimate Tool for Snow Removal!

Introducing the New Fox VersaPlow snow removal system! This revolutionary new design from Fox provides the ultimate in efficiency, combining the functions of a box-style containment pusher, a backdrag containment box, and a conventional snowplow into one rugged piece of equipment.

Hydraulically roll the end panels into any position from the cab. All three functions are always at your fingertips.


VersaPlow Push

With side panels in the forward positions the VersaPlow is a high-capacity snow pusher.



Roll the side panels rearward to form a super-efficient backdrag box plow.


Windrow & Stack

VersaPlow Windrow & Stack

The VersaPlow also features full hydraulic angling capabilities for conventional windrow plowing.

Windrow & Stack

Fast, easy hydraulic controls

change the configuration of VersaPlow in seconds. No need to mount or re-mount equipment. No need to leave your cab!

Fox hydraulic controls
Fox hydraulic controls
Fox hydraulic controls

Choose Your Edge

Fox VersaPlow is available in 8-foot and 10-foot blade widths with a choice of steel trip-edge or urethane resilient-edge configurations.

Fox Steel Trip-Edge

Steel Trip-Edge

Fox Urethane Resilient-Edge

Urethane Resilient-Edge


Hydraulic Outlets
Hydraulic Outlets

Hydraulic Outlets

Requires a single pair of hydraulic outlets. An electrical diverter valve controls flow to either the angle or end panel rotation cylinders. Available with a 14 pin connector (to fit most skid steers and compact loaders) or a 7-pin CANbus adapter (for late model Bobcat® machines) or a universal single-button diverter control and harness.


VersaPlow™ Specifications
Model 4108 4208 4110 4210
Width 96″ 96″ 120″ 120″
Cutting Edge 1 1⁄2″ Urethane Steel Trip-Edge 1 1⁄2″ Urethane Steel Trip-Edge
Weight with Standard Hitch 1118 lb. 1249 lb. 1222 lb. 1386 lb.
Weight with Floating Hitch* 1243 lb. 1374 lb. 1347 lb. 1511 lb.


*Allows up to 11 inches of blade movement.

We reserve the right to amend these specifications at any time without notice. The only warranty applicable is our standard written warranty. We make no other warranty, expressed or implied.